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VoIP for Beginners

For all of you who haven’t ever heard about the works of VoIP then hold your breath. Here I will be telling you the advent of fast technology, a technology that can surely change your life. If you make long distance calls and are sick of the bills then here is a solution for you. Here is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which is simple and easy for anybody to understand. This is a simple protocol which helps you to make long distance calls to anywhere in the world and that’s for the minimal charges. All you need is an Internet connection and you are ready with your VoIP.

VoIP uses a simple method, where it changes the ordinary analog audio signals to digital signals which are sent over the Internet. If you have an Internet connection and paying monthly charge then you don’t need anything else to have a VoIP set up. This lets you have a complete set up to make free long distance phone calls. This is not like the traditional cabling or wiring. This system lets you enjoy free calling with some softwares available free in Internet.

Today, there are numerous service providers who offer Internet telephony for free of any charge and some also charge a little amount compared to your regular phone bills.

nterestingly, VoIP is not limited to the personal usage only. Now many companies are having there very own VoIP set up which lets them talk to their clients without any disturbance and extra cost. This VoIP is not a very new thing. You can find numerous service providers who are providing this service for years. But, I can’t deny that the term has taken momentum in recent years. With the globalization now everything is performed through outsourcing and for that people need to be connected. And when we are taking about the connection of two different worlds then this needs a huge expenditure. But, through Skype these companies easily communicate with there clients without expending much on telephone bills. As soon as high speed Internet came to our life every communication form started changing and VoIP is just an example of this changing communication process.

I think I have talked a lot about this VoIP and you must be thinking how such software can be so useful. Then let me tell you, this software is now the best form of economic telephony. Now, there are various ways in which this VoIP is used almost every individual has his choice of system to make this service more easy. But, in a broader sense there are basically three major categories of VoIP telephony which are ATA, IP Phones and Computer-to-Computer.

ATA or Analog Telephone Adaptor is most commonly used form of VoIP. ATA uses a quite simple methodology. ATA adeptly hooks up the various components of your house. You can connect your regular phone with the computer which you have at home and you can connect them with your Internet connection. Here the ATA does just the simple thing. It turns the analog signals from your phone to digital signals. You can set up this connection quite easily. You need an ATA which will be connected to your phone and then you need to connect a socket into the ATA, and then the ATA is connected or plugged to your computer which is then connected to the Internet. Various ATAs include software which has to be installed which always involves a simple process and once you install your ATA you are ready with your VoIP.

Second is the IP phone for the VoIP. This IP phone is quite similar to the regular phone. The look and design everything is like the traditional phone or sometimes like the latest mobiles that you get. It has the similar buttons and functioning. The only difference is that you don’t have a normal jack like your phone in this IP phones rather it has an Ethernet connector. This means you don’t need to connect this phone with the wall jack as you do in your regular phones. You need to plug it directly into the router that is provided by the service provider with your Internet connection. This phone doesn’t require any software installation. This phone allows you to connect your computer with the phone and software is pre installed in the phone. Presently you get IP phones which come with a USB chord which can be directly connected to your computers and laptops. But, very soon wi-fi IP phones are going to be launched which will give you the wireless technology so that you can connect with your computer and phone without any wire. And this wi-fi gives you the opportunity to connect to the Internet in any Wi-Fi hot spot at any place.

Third and last is the Computer-to-Computer connection. This is the most commonly used form of VoIP services. This is the simplest and cheapest method to use the VoIP. You can make free calls through your computer. You don’t need to pay any fee for these calls doesn’t matter what plan you have. All that you need is a pair of headphones and mic and a good Internet connection. And of course you need to have a sound card installed in your computer. Doesn’t matter how much you talk through your VoIP, you don’t need to pay any charge except your Internet bill.

Your present calling plan might be covering several long distance areas but through the computer-to-computer you can make phone calls to any place on earth. All you need is an Internet connection at both the ends. You can make your office calls to destinations where the provider has service but in VoIP you are not restricted by any land limit. If you have a laptop and an Internet card then you can make calls to any destination without any bill or charge. With VoIP you can stay connected with everyone whether you are in a vacation or in office.

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