What is a PBX system? What will it do for me?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, an old telephone company term. Today the term designates a computer based telephone system that acts as a telephone switch. A PBX handles multiple external telephone lines for a number of internal telephones. It offers call handling features and options that make your phone handling efficient and professional.

A PBX phone system gives you great flexibility in the way your incoming calls are answered: you can have a live operator, and auto-attendant, or a combination. It also gives you highly desired features such as: easy call transfer, voice mail, music on hold, after-hours answering, call forwarding to internal or external numbers, conference calling, and much more.

What is the difference between a PBX system and multi-line phone system?

Multi-line phones are telephones that have buttons that allow you to switch from one phone line to another. They sometimes work well for a small business that receives a limited number of phone calls and has less than three phone lines. Control of phone calls with a multi-line phone system is entirely manual, with someone having to keep track of each call and caller.

A PBX phone system automates the call control function by using a specialized computer system to route calls to operators, auto-attendants, voice mail or many other options. The system keeps track of calls and handles everything professionally. The flexibility of a PBX system allows it to be programmed in an unlimited number of ways to handle the specific needs of each business. It has many caller friendly functions like music on hold, after hours answering, dial by name and much more.

What will I need to buy when transferring?

Assuming you have phone lines from your phone company and your office has centrally wired phone connections, and assuming you have a computer with the minimum requirements, you are ready to go. There is NOTHING else to buy! Everything is in the SimpliPhones package.

How will my phones be answered?

PBX’es can be programmed to handle incoming calls the way you want them handled: with a live operator, with an auto-attendant, or with both. You can choose to have one person designated to be the operator, or a group of people. Groups of users can be assigned to handle calls in a variety of ways, including simple Automatic Call Distribution (ACD). You can choose to have an auto-attendant route your calls, or the auto-attendant can back up your live operator when busy. The system comes with three different professionally pre-recorded auto-attendants to choose from, or the system will allow you to record your own auto-attendant. And there are three additional pre-recorded auto-attendants for after-hours answering. You choose how your phones are answered, and if you change your mind, you can easily make changes.

What will the Control Center software do for me?

Control Center software can be installed on each user’s PC giving them “point and click” management of calls, information, and features. Users can stop memorizing codes and sequences and start managing their telecommunications the SimpliPhones way. Control Center allows users to see the status of each phone on the system. Users can transfer calls, set up conference calls, monitor voice mail and much more, just by clicking on an icon. Each user determines how calls will be handled when his phone line is busy, or if he is out of the office. Eight different options are given including voice mail, call forwarding on or off premises, call waiting, etc. Control Center gives the user full control of their telephone communications.

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