Top 13 VOIP blogs – list and comparison

The Top VOIP Blogs Out There


I’m still not sure if this blog should be first one on the list or last one in the prehistoric section. Since it is arguably the best in both sections I’ll let it sit here for a while.


The blog of voipreview consist of mostly well written news rarely mixed with poor quality articles. The Blog/news are updated once a week and the generic trash articles are quite rare.


Company blog targeting mostly their clients and other VOIP providers. If you fit any of those categories, the blog is good and you can find a lot of interesting and informative articles.


A new but well written blog about VOIP. Only time will tell if it will cease to exist like hundreds of others. Open source focused. Found some unique articles there.


Might have been the best company blog on the list if it had some more articles. It has some self promotion but it is not that much. Good diversity of articles about VOIP and similar thematic. Not updated very frequently.


Good blog focused on both providing information and gaining clients in the process. A bit too many links in the articles leading to nowhere useful. And of course no signs of any navigation except the next page button. If you can live with that you should definitely check it out.


With the very first opening of the blog you say to yourself “Finally a nice looking blog with proper navigation”. If it was not for the naive “Why Music On Hold Makes Callers Happy” articles it would have been my blog of choice. Seriously no one and I mean NO ONE wants to listen to on hold music, no matter how many shitty excuses you make for it. It is a regularly updated blog about voip which authors seems to be pushed to place a bit too many articles per month, resulting in some plainly stupid articles mixed with the good ones.


It seems someone is bringing that forum back. I would not have mentioned this blog if it was not for the few really good articles in it. All in all its lacking quantity and making up with quality. Due to poor font selection the readability is not the best there is.


Very good blog with lots of interesting and helpful posts. Vast amount of articles that show only the good side of VOIP. All of this wrapped in the ugliest interface available. Don’t even bother opening on mobile.


Half the articles are Top 10 clickbaits, while the other half seems to be news. Well there is enough info in there to get it in the list even if it is on the last position.

And that almost ends it.

Let’s finish with the iconic trio. Here you can admire the dinosaurs of the branch, and as such the articles they write are kind of prehistoric too. Mostly row data, news and self service promotions, nothing really catchy or interesting. If you don’t identify yourself as voip techie just skip them and go to the real list

3cx’s Blog

3cx posts are mostly self promotional. Quite a lot about their (and their partners) services and promotions. If you have time to scroll 130+ pages with articles you might just find few interesting pieces. All in all, I would not waste my time here.

Onsip’s Blog

Onsip posts are quite a lot better than 3cx’s. They make phone reviews, show best practices, guides and so on. The diversity of what you can find in this primordial soup is amazing. The quality of the articles on the other hand is not. I have to admit that the blog is a tat more readable than the first dino in this list.

Asterisk’s Blog

Asterisk is quite unique. Everything is technical but very well written. Abbreviations and tech names take up to 50% of the text and it is still readable. Don’t ask me how it is done, go there and read an article or two. But as I said before, if you don’t identify yourself as techie, just skip this blog and check the others.

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